Penalty Minors Essay

While many European countries urge an ethic of rehabilitation in their criminal justice systems, many jurisdictions in the United States stand firmly in favour of capital punishment for serious crimes.“Bad guys deserve to suffer.” This is a blunt slogan, but it captures the essence of a deeply familiar notion: people who have committed culpable wrongs deserve their lives to go worse as a result. Perhaps because it’s not fair for the lives of wrongdoers to go well when the lives of the innocent have gone poorly – punishment levels the playing field.Whatever the reason, “retributivists” – those who believe in retribution – argue that the punishment of criminals is valuable; it is valuable in and of itself, rather than valuable because of its good consequences (for example, preventing future crime).Before you ask yourself whether we should have the death penalty, consider: why hand out any punishments at all?Considering the three main families in the philosophy of punishment can help us organise our conversation.Finally, most parents are reasonable and fair, and very very few would ever consider hurting their children by using unnecessary physical force.There are several reasons however why we should stop using physical punishment even in the home.An example is seatbelt use – now most people wear seat belts without thinking, whereas years ago the idea of using safety belts was strange to most people.In the same way, banning physical punishment in the home will allow people to change their habits and break a cycle of violence.It is possible to avoid the use of physical force in the home, and doing so will help us move closer to dream of removing violence from our society.The execution, by hanging, of Yakub Memon for his part in the 2003 Mumbai bombings invites us to revisit the vexed issue of capital punishment.


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