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with the.....with his ideas is a true reflection of Isaac Newton’s quote, “If I have seen further than others, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.” Newton made this quote in his letter to Robert Hooke as a way to defended himself from Hooke’s claims that he was practicing intellectual piracy.

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Kepler and Galilio Galilei who discovered telescope to prove that Earth and other planets revolve round the Sun.

The theory was supported across the world from Greeks and......

In the midst of our conversation, Copernicus came up with a model, out of curiosity I demanded to know the purpose behind it.

He never disclosed but I later came to realize that the aim was to forecast on the location of the planet along...

For instance, his findings helped in establishing that the sun’s position from different planets is characterized by variations.

This has been a vital platform for advancements in astronomy and also in rocket science at large (Weatherly 19).

Last month that I met one of the old men in our hometown, that seemed very intelligent.

I was so certain that something good was going to come out of him even before we sat down to chat.

Copernicus' actual book began with a letter from his (by then deceased) friend, the Archbishop of Capua, urging Copernicus to publish his theory.

Then, in a lengthy introduction, Copernicus dedicated the book to Pope Paul III, explaining his ostensible motive in writing the book as relating to the inability of earlier astronomers to agree on an adequate theory of the planets, and noting that if his system increased the accuracy of astronomical predictions it would allow the Church to develop a more accurate calendar (calendar reform then being an important question and one of the major reasons for Church funding of astronomy.


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