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Large pieces of modern machinery are often in evidence, as is the figure of a monomaniacal fiend of some stripe.Such lines as “the fate of the world” and “only x can prevent” have a good chance of appearing, as do “heart-pounding,” “fast-paced” and “explosive action.” BEGINNING: Although spies have always been with us (note Judas Iscariot) and so have figures intent on world domination (Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan), the literary thriller did not begin until 1821, when James Fenimore Cooper wrote ), Ian Fleming (and his utterly unrealistic but nonetheless captivating hero, James Bond), John Gardner (who wrote more Bond novels than Fleming but whose best work is about Big Herbie Kruger, including one of the half-dozen greatest spy novels ever written, ), Len Deighton, Alastair Mac Lean, and Adam Hall, creator of Quiller, all of whom are British.They seek movement and action—hence the increased popularity of the thriller.

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I'd like to see a woman take a stronger role in John's life – perhaps a female villain!

Maybe another place on the planet that has the same authenticity of upstate New York, Long Island, Ohio.

More likely, you are a fan (else why would you be on a site titled Crime Reads?

) but not totally devoted to the genre and basically just looking for some recommendations of what to read but unsure about the various categories by which books may be defined.

John and Kate arrive in Sana'a, the capital of Yemen. They are met by another spook, a guy we've met before, the hero of The General's Daughter and Up Country, Paul Brenner, now with the Diplomatic Security Service.

Paul is one of the few good guys in this tale, in a desert filled with black hats in every cave, on every camel.

Few authors have the ability to contrive complex mysteries, with apparently air-tight alibis being broken down, clues placed so cleverly before the reader’s eyes that they fail to see them or understand their significance, and motives so powerful yet believable that the killers are not merely a necessary piece of the puzzle but part of a cohesive and satisfying story. Agatha Christie used up most of the good plots in her prolific career.

As heroes and heroines of today’s traditional mysteries have come to rely more and more on coincidence, luck, a hunch, or a genius house pet to solve crimes, readers have also become less demanding of contemporary writers, being willing to settle for a less-than-perfect plot just so long as they like the lead character. Bombarded daily with a few lines of social media, quick cuts of movies, television programs and commercials, they are unwilling to work through discussions of railroad timetables, tides, or how long it takes for a sprig of parsley to sink into a bar of butter on a summer day.

American readers are devoted and loyal to their home turfs. Could John and Kate get assigned to a small town in Texas?

The sites of Yemen and Vietnam were very authentic and carefully researched. As I came to Page 625, and slowly closed The Panther, very satisfied with the just ending (and you will be too!


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