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For example, Greek mythology can be found in every genre of popular culture. All points made in the thesis should work to prove your thesis statement. Include an introduction, paragraphs for your main points and room for all of the supporting evidence.

Design the thesis so it follows a logical flow, with each thought expanding on or backing up the previous thought.

Writing a thesis is required by most post-secondary institutions when you complete a master's degree.

The thesis is a dissertation, or large research paper, that summarizes the work you have done in a specific area.

Add graphics such as charts, time graphs or pictures from the type of mythology you are writing about. For example, outline the different aspects of popular culture like TV, movies, video games and literature and where Greek mythology shows up.

Write the thesis by starting with the body of the paper. By the time you finish the body of the thesis you will know exactly what the paper looks like and the introduction will be easier to write.Shara JJ Cooper graduated with a bachelor's degree in journalism in 2000, and has worked professionally ever since.She has a passion for community journalism, but likes to mix it up by writing for a variety of publications.The conclusion is your chance to really push an idea home.For example, reword the thesis statement on Greek mythology to show you made your point.It will summarize your main point and the results of your research.Read your thesis statement out loud, write it out by hand and tape it to your computer or a bulletin board.Follow your outline as you write the body of the thesis but allow yourself to make changes if the flow doesn't feel right.Craft each section so you introduce an idea, back up your ideas and then make a conclusion when possible.You will find interesting events and cultures if you dig deep into the Greek mythology and it will show you great acts and adventures accomplished by these heroes.You can talk about several beliefs and events that are said to influence the political, cultural, and religious lives of the people of Greece.


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