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Edited by Matt Glover and Ellin Oliver Keene ISBN-13: 978-0325074368 / ISBN-10: 0325074364 ISBN 978-1-425-80850-1 / 1-425-80436-5 / 2015 / 256pp / Heinemann Grade Level: K - 12th This book is about bringing the education we want for our own children to all.It is focused on a set of strongly held beliefs that drive the actions of educators every day.

Edited by Matt Glover and Ellin Oliver Keene ISBN-13: 978-0325074368 / ISBN-10: 0325074364 ISBN 978-1-425-80850-1 / 1-425-80436-5 / 2015 / 256pp / Heinemann Grade Level: K - 12th This book is about bringing the education we want for our own children to all.

By the end, I came away with a beautiful table top mosaic and a lot more artistic confidence. Her method of presenting techniques and information is so clear, and she has a terrific studio. She is always well prepared, knowledgeable and supportive” -K. Holyoke, MA “Christine is a wonderful instructor and person. I used to teach art, and I found her approach to be supportive, understanding, helpful, and fun.

In fact, I’m about to start making mosaics in my own workshop at home. Easthampton, MA “I learned much more than I ever expected. I loved this class, it combines color , shape, texture and composition and wasn’t intimidating to learn. She provides you with a relaxing environment so you can find yourself and your style but is ready to step in when you need help or guidance.” -K. Southampton, MA “Christine is knowledgeable and extremely accessible to all of us.

Cost: $75 per class, all materials provided Class time is from 5 pm-9pm Class Dates for 2018 June 20 (Wednesday) July 12 (Thursday) Sorry, this class is full. I also arrange custom classes for private groups of 6-10 people. I’ve never thought of myself as artistic, but Christine creates a supportive, encouraging environment for all of her students and she helped me tap my creativity in new ways. Easthampton, MA “I have taken several classes with Christine. As a “non-artist”, I was able to create a beautiful piece under her thoughtful guidance.” -T. Belchertown, MA “The experience of being in the class is relaxing, meditative, creative and social, all at once.

So if you’d like to gather a group of friends, colleagues or family members, we can plan a project that works for your schedule. When the course started, I was hesitant about design, nervous about choosing the colors. Amherst, MA “Christine is a great teacher- very organized, prepared, caring, talented, patient, instructive and inspiring. She addressed everyone’s needs in a very individual way. I always learn new things and reinforce what I already knew. Northampton, MA “Christine is an excellent teacher. It’s a great way to take a break from the day to day.” -S.

more Ellin Oliver Keene ISBN 978-0-325-00323-8 / 0-325-00323-8 / 2008 / 320pp / Paperback Grade Level: K - 8th The renaissance in comprehension instruction launched by Mosaic of Thought has led to changes in hundreds of thousands of classrooms, where teachers now model reading strategies, and students probe meaning more deeply.

But no book in the field has satisfactorily answered the question: What does it really mean to comprehend?In To Understand, Ellin Oliver Keene not only explores this important question, but reveals what teachers can do to encourage all students to engage in deep understanding far more consistently than before....more Ellin Oliver Keene, Susan Zimmermann ISBN 978-0-325-01035-9 / 0-325-01035-8 / 2007 / 312pp / Paperback Grade Level: K - 8th Ellin Oliver Keene and Susan Zimmermann have returned with a new edition of Mosaic of Thought that features 70 percent new material.This book offers a unique way of assessing how students use thinking strategies to comprehend text.The book contains four reading passages for each grade level (1-8) that offer high-interest fiction and nonfiction text.Once you and your friend both register, you’ll receive a 10% refund. Learn how to use stained glass and concrete to make your own mosaic stepping stone for your garden or walkway.We’ll discuss the patterns used in mosaics and see some examples of this art form that has been around for centuries.So if you’re thinking about taking a mosaic course with Christine, here’s my advice: just stop thinking and sign up…now. Not only about mosaics, but about my creative abilities. She created a safe environment to experiment and learn” -D. I went into the class thinking I had none, but you pushed me to think outside the box and develop some creativity.” -K. Florence, MA “I wanted to try mosaics for some time but that judging voice about not being an “artist” held me back. Montague, MA “This class was the most therapeutic thing I have ever done! Learn how to cut glass and use the Indirect Method for creating a mosaic that will be a conversation piece in any garden or patio! Students will finish a stepping stone during the class, which will need to cure in the mold.Pick-up will be scheduled a few days later or the following week, I’ll accommodate your schedule for pick up times. “Christine is not just an incredibly talented artist, she’s an incredible teacher. You couldn’t ask for a more positive creative and supportive teacher.


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