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Failing that, you could make a small cash donation and a one-off larger donation to a charity that has the experts to deal with the bigger picture.Then the smart thing is to link what you’ve said to the workplace.You can rehearse your answer to this and other tricky interview questions by attempting a practice interview using resources from our partners at Shortlist.

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How we judge what is right versus wrong is very challenging in medicine and public health, and even more so when two choices might both actually be “right” in their own way, which is far more often the case. One way to approach this ethical problem is from the perspective of moral distress.

Moral distress is a term originally coined from the nursing field referring to the stress that is birthed from one’s inability to turn moral positions into complementary moral action—in other words, feeling like you know what the “right” choice is, but being unable to act on it for some reason.

He is accompanied by his aunt, who explains to you that he has recently traveled from El Salvador, where he was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer that, if untreated, will result in his death within six months.

After further inquiry, you determine that his cancer is treatable, but will require $50,000 of your budget to save his life. The ethical dilemma in this case is one that physicians and public health practitioners confront often, particularly in very low-resource settings: the care of the individual versus the equitable distribution of resources to the society at large.

Let’s take the candidate’s response we mentioned earlier – ‘I always give money to a homeless person in the street although part of me want to walk on by and keep my money’ – and tease out the issues that could be involved in deciding what to do in that situation.

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The answer could have launched into the candidate commenting upon: What you need to do is to mesh your observations into a coherent overview.

This allows you to care for all of the few thousand patients who come to you for treatment throughout the year.

One day in January, a frightened, thin young man appears to the clinic with a folder of medical records.

You are granted a fixed annual budget of 0,000 through your local public health department, and it is unlikely that you can obtain additional funding later in the year.

Traditionally, you have used your entire budget for the past several years, which usually lasts from January until December.


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