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We describe our solution to the problem of executer extensibility - how can new compression techniques be added to the system without having to rewrite the operator code?

Second, we analyze the problem of tuple construction (stitching together attributes from multiple columns into a row-oriented "tuple").(cont.) Tuple construction is required when operators need to access multiple attributes from the same tuple; however, if done at the wrong point in a query plan, a significant performance penalty is paid.

Petitions for inclusion of committee members outside of MIT may be routed to the Departmental Committee on Graduate students as well.

The doctoral thesis committee has the responsibility of advising the student on all aspects of the thesis experience, all the way up through the preparation and defense of the final thesis document.

First, we look at the problem of integrating compression and execution so that the query executer is capable of directly operating on compressed data.

This improves performance by improving I/O (less data needs to be read off disk), and CPU (the data need not be decompressed).Consequently, we describe the implementation of C-Store, a new database system with a storage layer and query executer built for column-by-column data layout.We introduce three new query execution techniques that significantly improve performance.These proposals have different levels of implementation effort, and have different performance characteristics.If one wanted to build a new database system that utilizes the column-by-column data layout, it is unclear which proposal to follow.Students who wish to embark on a joint master’s thesis project should consult first with their individual advisors, and also with the graduate officer or the chair of the graduate committee of the department in which they are registered.A proposal should be drafted that includes: This proposal should be attached to a single graduate student petition form listing both students’ names and signed by their advisors.In this dissertation, we study the problem of poor performance of row-by-row data layout for these emerging applications, and evaluate the column-by-column data layout opportunity as a solution to this problem.There have been a variety of proposals in the literature for how to build a database system on top of column-by-column layout.When the thesis is complete, it must be submitted to the students’ department of registration for acceptance.It is expected that each individual submitting a joint thesis will receive a single degree.


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