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And the best way to do this is to create a big spike in your application.A spike is essentially something you're passionate about and have continuously striven to master.

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The answer to this question varies depending on two main factors: on how hard your top-choice school is to get into. These rates dramatically affect your likelihood of getting accepted (or getting rejected).

Many students' top choices are Ivy League institutions, such as Harvard, Princeton, and Columbia, or other prestigious top-25 schools, such as Stanford, Rice, and the University of Chicago. Below are the acceptance rates for the top 25 universities, as determined by the most recent As you can see, your chance of acceptance to top-tier colleges ranges from just 4% to as much as 26%.

Some of you reading this might be wondering I'm writing this article. A little while later, I received a rejection by email.

It was the first university I heard back from in the application process, and its letter was by far the most painful. Months later, I got accepted to USC and decided to attend that school instead.

To get a slightly more accurate idea of your admission chances to a particular school, use our college admissions calculator.

Still, the point is clear: most applicants to highly selective schools get rejected.In 2008, I got rejected from my top-choice school, Stanford.Though the rejection letter hurt, on the plus side, it taught me a lot about what I did wrong, both in my application and my overall high school career.Here's what I mean by this: when applying to top colleges, a 4.0 unweighted GPA is no doubt great.However, you'll be a much more competitive applicant if you have, say, a slightly lower 3.8 GPA and have also taken loads of challenging AP/honors courses.Again, though, this isn't that impressive to top-ranked schools.So what can you do to ensure that you have a better chance of getting into your top-choice school? Most students probably know this, but you'll need a pretty high GPA to keep from getting rejected. Well, a high GPA proves that you're not only responsible and studious but also capable of performing consistently well in a variety of disciplines.It could be anything from a love of writing short stories to a passion for chemistry.Most importantly, your spike should be a field you're truly committed to and for which you have sufficient evidence to prove your commitment.If you're not sure how high of a GPA your school expects, try looking on the school's website for any information or data about the average GPA of admitted applicants.That being said, getting a high GPA alone isn't as important as getting a good GPA taking a challenging course load.


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