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Every entrepreneur faces the common challenge of writing a business plan at some point as they develop their fledgling venture.But while there are vast resources available to help tackle the task, most books, websites, and templates take a generic approach in helping entrepreneurs transcribe their visions onto paper.

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You'll also want to indicate how much you plan to mix full-time employees with freelancers in terms of meeting opportunities, says Ciara Pressler, founder of Pressler Collaborative in New York City.

"Marketing companies almost always need to outsource work like design and printing," she says.

Ideally, you want to be as specific as you can when defining the problem you solve.

By doing so, it will seem as though you have a custom solution for a certain kind of customer, of whom operates in a certain kind of industry.

Once you know which channel you’re going to use, it becomes easier to create a plan tailored to that specific channel, of which will draw the attention of your ideal client, generate leads and produce the best possible ROI.

The problem, however, is that getting someone to design a website for you can be expensive – and it can also take a lot of time."Plan ahead by defining how and when you'll build your management team, and who they'll need to be in order to grow your client relationships." 3. Unlike a business plan for a product company, your business plan won't cover a manufacturing or distribution process, says Young.Rather, it should define the sales process, discipline, business approach, and training that will keep your new business pipeline filled.The truth is, however, that writing a generic business plan won't do you much good.What you need to create is a business plan that is tailored to the challenges and opportunities that exist specifically for your business.That’s because by taking this step, you’ll now have a clear benefit that you can use to persuade potential clients.Your marketing efforts will now pack more punch, since it becomes easier to promote the benefits of working with your agency.Prove to the bank that your business can make money.Prove to investors that you're taking advantage of an untapped market with revenue possibilities. 1 asset is its staff, according to Bill Carter and Brett Smith, the founders of Fuse, a full-service marketing company with offices in New York City and Burlington, Vermont.If you know that’s a challenge they’re facing, you can position your agency as a company that can help solve that specific problem.You’ll communicate this in your marketing, by suggesting how your digital agency can improve the number of bookings a dentist can attract.


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