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India’s centuries-long traditions still exist there. You can enjoy sunshine, greenery and tranquillity, and the people here are found to be very warm and friendly.

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Even decades after independence, India is replete with inequality so much so that it is often said there are the two countries, one that is Bharat and the other, India.

It speaks of the two different realities that prevail in rural and urban parts of the country.

The life of farmers is close to nature, away from the hustle and bustle of cities.

There is peace and tranquillity everywhere, except for conflicts over land and caste prejudices and the prevailing taboos and superstitions.

Villages only provide seasonal employment and mostly people there are not gainfully employed.

All these factors lead to large-scale migration of people from rural to urban areas in search of good education, employment and comforts of life.

The need is to balance both kinds of lifestyles by incorporating good aspects from each other.

Facilities and opportunities to move forward are greater in urban life than what we find in rural existence but there is an acute problem of pollution, noise, lack of adequate water supply, traffic jam, overcrowding and crime in cities.

Sadly, they do not have time to even meet their neighbours, friends and relatives. They work very hard in agricultural fields where they grow grains and vegetables.

Thus, there are advantages as well as drawbacks to live in both rural and urban areas. They conserve water in ponds and canals to irrigate crops.


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