Lions For Lambs Essay

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So he's invited Todd to possibly the earliest ever office hours for a talking-to.

The kick-off to the professor's anti-apathy harangue is unpromising: "Let me tell you about the last two kids who gave me hope." The actor playing him, Andrew Garfield, is suitably disengaged, as good as Streep with the Power Point dialogue, and a willing punching bag for the movie's jabs and low blows.

In principle, Hollywood had time, distance, and money on its side to process the many tentacles of this imbroglio into compelling entertainment.

Instead, for the most part, we're getting handsome-looking fictional versions of the docu-rants. And as is the current narrative vogue for Important Movies, each part will have some higher bearing on the others.

A good movie lives in here somewhere, but after about 20 minutes, you realize, despite the good lighting, syrupy music, and Hollywood stars, Redford doesn't care whether it's good. This is a movie that likes the sound of its own voice.

The Cruise-Streep parts of the film actually work because there is push and pull, intelligent acting (Cruise does his shark thing well), and a nod to complexity.The Lion and the Lamb Amid the challenging atmosphere of universities nationwide, students are taking self-expression to an entirely new level.College, a place emulating of student self-growth, has exponentially blurred the lines of reality, and brought student rights to the forefront of discussion.The great movies about Vietnam either were not about the war or were made once it was over.This time around, documentary filmmakers have beaten the major movie studios to the punch with hastily made, mostly left-leaning rants and mini-exposés that about 35 people have seen.The dark tone of the poem gives an image of the dull and depressing, less than satisfactory conditions of the factories and the harsh lives of those who worked in them.Aside from only the Industrial Revolution, "The Tyger" draws a link to French Revolution, as the revolutionaries where also known as "Tygers." The lamb on the other hand portrays a happier illustration.Redford uses staging that suggests real characters, not just positions.Cruise is often literally looking down on Streep, who, in turn, is forced to look up. Redford has previously found ways of channeling liberal righteousness into superior Hollywood entertainment.When the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan started, I was naively eager that Hollywood would find ways to dramatize the conflicts' political complexities and personal toll.We're probably too close to get any real artistic perspective.


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