Interview Questions About Problem Solving

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Puzzling questions are your opportunity to evaluate how candidates react outside their comfort zone.

These critical-thinking interview question examples will help you identify candidates with high potential for future leadership positions.

Questions like “How many haircuts happen in America every year?

” are very popular online, but may not reveal much about their skills.

Asking something like “How would you explain cloud computing to a 6-year-old?

” will more accurately show you a candidate’s way of thinking.They are: Challenge candidates with complex critical thinking questions to reveal their skills.But, present them with realistic problems related to the job. some Google-type questions) are off-putting for candidates who already feel the pressure of the interview process.Every time you think you are close to being done or finish your solution, test it out loud with the examples you came up with in Step 2.As meticulous as it is, go through every loop iteration, write down the values of variables at every step, and make sure you don't miss anything!Before you even start writing or thinking about any code, take your examples that you created, and solve the problem verbally.So many Computer Science students skip this part and jump straight into the code, only to wind up at a dead end or confused, which just wastes more precious time.I was fortunate enough through the end of high school and into college that I had enough experience to in an interview.My first year, I landed interviews with Facebook, Google, Digital Ocean, and more, but I didn't get past the second (technical) round for any of them...Follow these steps and it should help reduce nervousness, maintain focus, and impress the interviewer.Once you receive the question, it is purposely going to be very vague.


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