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His economic status has also been greatly affected as he lost his job.This makes it difficult for him to handle the expenses as some of the foodstuff that has low amounts of sugar is quite expensive.

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This level is called pre-diabetes and is characterized by an abnormally higher blood sugar level.

The patient is now at a risk of getting type 2 diabetes mellitus but it can be prevented (Fox, 2015).

Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a result of poor lifestyle habits that mostly occur in younger people leading to many cases in America over recent years.

Family history of diabetes also affects the oncoming generation as they are at risk of being diagnosed with it.

He has a history of acute kidney diseases alongside health problems such as weight gain and ankle swelling.

He cannot travel long distances due to weakness and fatigue and this has made it difficult for him to maintain physical fitness.

For someone to be an authority, or possess skills to communicate in the nursing discourse community they need to have the proper education as well as years of experience behind them.

Professional organizations or publications in the medical discourse community that Sharon suggested and uses herself are: New England Journal Medicine and American Critical Care Association of Nurses which also has an online forum as well as sends out a monthly newsletter with updates and new topics.

With insulin resistance, there is no movement of sugar in the cells which results to less insulin for maintenance of a normal glucose level (Riedl, Robausch, &Berghold, 2016).

This is because sugar builds up in the blood stream, making the beta cells to release more insulin but they become impaired because of the body’s abnormal demand.


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