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When, three years ago, I came to Yale University it was an agreeable surprise to find a close cooperation that extended to a wide field.

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Tire three volumes of The Philosophy of Symbolic Forms were brought out between 19, and the first of these to appear in America has recently been published by the Yale University Press.

The last twelve years of Cassirer’s life were devoted to an application of the philosophy of symbolic forms to the various realms of human culture— to art and the social sciences.

I have had to content myself with citing those authors to whom I myself feel most indebted and with selecting those examples that seemed to me to be of typical significance and of para- mount philosophical interest. Hendel I wish to expiess my feeling of deep gratitude lo the man who, with indefati- gable zeal, helped me to prepare this book, He was the first to whom I spoke about its general plan.

Without his keen interest in the subject matter of the book and his friendly personal interest in its author I should hardly have found the courage to publish it.

His first great systematic work, Substance and Function, was published in 1910.

After the First World War, Cassirer began working out the theory of symbolic forms, his major contribution to twentieth-century philosophy, which has earned him a place with Bergson, Croce, Dewey, Santayana, and Whitehead.

Since that time the author has continued his study on the subject, He has learned many new facts and he has been confronted with new problems, Even the old problems are seen by him from a different angle and appear in a new light.

For all these reasons 1 decided to make a fresh start and to write an entirely new book.

My critics should, however, be warned that what I could give here is more an explanation and illus- tration than a demonstration of my theory.

For a closer dis- cussion and analysis of the problems involved I must ask them to go hack to the detailed description in my Philosophy of Symbolic Forms, It is my serious wish not to impose a ready-made theory, ex- pressed in a dogmatic style, upon the minds of my readers.


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