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Though the economy of our country is primarily agro based but without industrialization it is doubtful, whether a country like Bangladesh can break out its cycle of poverty and decrease the even loaded foreign loan. It is a fact that increasing production and export earning of RMG hold the key to save the country from the present economic depression. The numerous present study makes an attempt to identify the measure necessary solve these challenges for the greater interest of the country.Bangladesh has recently emerged as an important supplier of quality readymade garments in the global market. the sector has now occupied an important place in our national economy. Statement of the problem The soul of Bangladesh economy is the Garments Industry.

During the British period, there was no Garment factory in this part of the Indo-Pak subcontinent.

In 1960, the first Garment industry in BD was established at Dhaka and till 1971 the number rose to five.

The name of the sources are Rezaul and Brothers, Kyatex apperal management, Sliknit Garment, Pacific Garments, Dada garments etc.

I have also collected some information’s form the employees of Chaity garments at Uttara in Dhaka.

And finally find out some problems of management system of Bangladesh Garments Industries and recommend its solutions.

Introduction Bangladesh is a developing country RMG play a vital role in our economy. After introducing this sector in our country unemployment problem solved at some extent. To overcome this challenges, find out the problems of management system of this sector and try to solve.Increased productivity of the workers may reduce this costs.The owners may follow the most popular way of cost reduction which is to pay workers less and cut their facilities, it is certainly true that those are affected most of them are workers, many of them might lose their jobs and those who will still have them will be offered lower wages with fewer working facilities than now.And I have gone through a number of books, articles & essays published in different daily newspaper, financial review etc.that are concerned with RMG sector labourers & labour law.The mentionable journal that I have gone through to make this term paper are the journals of NAEM, Problems and prospect of RMG sector of Bangladesh – A report of BGMEA research cell on oct.2005, Bangladesh export statistics 2005- 2006 Dhaka Bangladesh.Last year (2005-06) our export income was 360 crore US$ but import cost for fabrices and others were 200 US$.So to maintain the status in the global market and today’s profit the industries have to reduce production costs.Definition Readymade garments is an well known concept to all.It means to make various types of dress by cloth and thread to sell in the local market as well as in the global market.


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