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When depression finally lifts and Giulia is “better,” she’s so busy enjoying life again that she can’t be bothered to do anything around the house, nor does she show much appreciation for everything Lukach did for her.You want to shake some gratitude into her, but you also want Lukach to stop coasting on martyr fumes.This summer, two memoirs about marriages that take abrupt and chaos-inducing turns may instill a new appreciation for the placidity (or monotony) of your own partnership.

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That approach would seem to carry the promise of the kind of lofty self-help literature in the Alain de Botton vein.

But despite Catron’s obvious intelligence, she comes off as surprisingly unsophisticated.

MY LOVELY WIFE IN THE PSYCH WARD: A Memoir (Harper Wave/Harper Collins, $25.99) began as a much talked about Modern Love column in The New York Times in 2011 and was expanded for Pacific Standard in 2015, where it became one of that magazine’s most read articles of the year.

Mark Lukach begins with a breezy and too-good-to-be-true summary of his early years with Giulia, a magnetic and ambitious Italian he met when both were freshmen at Georgetown University.

Whereas Lukach is a laid-back surfer who teaches high school and coaches sports, Giulia is career-driven, corporate-minded and determined to micromanage her destiny.

They seem like the perfect — and perfectly complementary — couple. But at 27, three years into the marriage and a few weeks into a new job, Giulia begins to experience severe anxiety that rapidly merges with suicidal depression.

The myths she sets out to bust — the Cinderella story, the idea of happily ever after, the “tyranny of meeting cute” — are chestnuts long ago pulverized in the public consciousness, and it’s unclear what new insights she’s trying to bring to the table.

The 36 Questions, on the other hand, are as intriguing as ever. ” gives way to “If a crystal ball could tell you the truth about yourself, your life, the future or anything else, what would you want to know? The crystal ball question took me back to Lukach, whose book may be finished but whose uncertain life with Giulia continues.

Waite has a knack for showing the ways that cognitive dissonance can chart pathways in the mind that cause emotional confusion to obscure rational thought.

But once we grasp the scope of Marco’s deceptions, “A Beautiful, Terrible Thing” starts to sound in places like a friend who’s been complaining about her bad relationship for years but does nothing about it.


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