Human Trafficking In Russia Research Paper

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For single mothers and young women, this situation is extremely concerning as they desperately search for ways to support themselves and their families.

Reports show that the number of women in poverty in Russia is significantly greater than males aged 30 and older.

Reports show that women get paid, on average, 30-33% less than their male counterparts.

Additionally, their involvement in the political sphere has been very limited as only 3 of 19 ministers and 11 deputies were women in 2012 (Zakirova).

Other causes of sex trafficking in Russia can be linked to the continued culture of alcoholism, unemployment, homelessness, and drug taking that was further proliferated by the collapse of the state in (Buckley, 25).

The collapse of the Soviet Union plunged a majority of the Russian population into a state of poverty with the desire to sustain oneself running high.

21% of the Russian population condemn prostitution as an appropriate source of income while 61.6% of the population also see prostitution as morally unacceptable.

Additionally, 64.8% of the population view sex trafficking as a growing and serious, large or enormous concern within society, showing the need for action (Buckley, 9).

For the purposes of sex trafficking, women and children are primarily targeted as they are the most vulnerable. To counter domestic and foreign pressure, Putin instituted an amendment that slightly tightened the Criminal Code for traffickers in 2003.

Russia’s consistent negligence of the issue has allowed it to be reclassified as a Tier 3 country (from formerly being on the Tier 2-Watch List in 2013) because of the little progress they’ve made in countering the practice (“Russia”, U. This amendment, though a reflection of progress, was clearly not a sufficient resolution.


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