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Action Students investigated the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals and collected data on progress to achieving the specific targets.They made predictions about the progress of specific countries compared to Australia before collecting detailed data.

Action To add depth to students' understanding of personal finance they were asked to define or draw poverty.

Their responses were stereotypical images of African people sitting around campfires.

They participated in a simulation game and examined personal stories to learn how small loans can make a big difference to people’s lives.

Action Students set up their own microcredit businesses for the school Microcredit Fun Day. They learnt about their product or service, undertook surveys to gauge the market and wrote a business plan. One group of students learned how to apply hair gel and colour spray, another practised their skipping skills so they could instruct their customers, and another was taught hand massage by a parent.

Behavioural changes were noted as a result of the students’ work: rubbish levels went down and environmental interest increased.

Year 3 students at Killara Primary School testing water from Blind Creek Being tuned into their own waterways and their right to express opinions, students were able to consider access to water, protection of the environment and decision-making from a global perspective.

They promised to actively support the plan with plantings and regular monitoring of the creek and fauna.

Although the council did no more than acknowledge their letter, there were long-term benefits as the students developed awareness of both the effect of people’s behaviours on the environment and their ability to exercise their civic rights.

Students began to understand fair trade and how consumers can use it to positively affect levels of poverty in developing countries.

They also began to have an understanding of the problems of traditional manufacturing in the developing world, the differences in income and the exploitation of workers and their families that can take place.


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