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I'm going to go ahead and type in a title here, “Of Zombies in American Fiction.” Okay, and I'll remove the subtitle. One way I like to do this quickly is, I'll select a line, I'll do Shift F3 until I get the initial caps for every word, and then I'll go through here and uncap the non-principal words here, like conjunctions and prepositions.

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There is no separate title page (unless requested).Double-space each cited work; add a “Print” marker for printed works and a “Web” marker for online sources.If the author is unknown, put their name in brackets – [].The first page includes an author’s name, and instructor’s name, a course and a date (day, month, then year), listed in the upper-left corner.A title is centered and capitalized (standard capitalization), with no italicization, underlining or quotation marks. Surprisingly, the number one thing was students aren't using Spellcheck. You can go ahead and you can choose this little Content Control arrow here, and choose the due date. I put my course number in here, English Composition 100. Actually when I asked a bunch of College Professors what their biggest pet peeves were.The Works Cited page includes all sources, cited in the essay. Paragraphs begin with half-inch indents (the “Tab” key).An essay should be printed on a computer on the white 8.5 x 11-inch paper. Page headers include an author’s name and a page number in the upper-right corner consequently from the first page.An Appendix includes the supplement content that is not directly related to the text.We should write a conclusion to restate the main question or problem and should suggest a set of areas for further examination and research. Double-spacing with 1-inch margins on each side of the sheet.


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