How To Solve Logic Problems

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A lot of the Daily Challenge puzzles and Hard level puzzle packs contain games which require a more advanced knowledge of the Either Or clues. if you carry on down that same column you can see that Glasgow also isn’t equal to Instagram or Cell Phones.

To create this article, 16 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Many books and websites that contain these logic puzzles come with a grid to help you solve them, but this article also includes instructions for making your own.

This article includes general advice for logical reasoning problems, as well as thorough instructions for solving the most common type of logic puzzle.

The objects that are to be assigned belong to the to-be-assigned object set (TBA object set) and the objects to which the to-be-assigned objects are to be assigned belong to the to-be-assigned-to object set (or TBAT object set).

In the simplest form of assignment logic analysis problem, one set of objects are to be assigned to a second set of objects according to a third set of given conditions.If you look at the puzzle example here, the second part of clue 3 tells us some information that might be hidden to the novice logic puzzler. So, looking at the first part of the clue we know that May 14th must be equal to Glasgow or Buses; and we now know that Glasgow isn’t equal to Instagram or Cell Phones and buses isn’t equal to Instagram or Cell Phones as they are in the same section . it therefore follows that May 14th CANNOT be equal to Instagram or Cell Phones.From this clue, we know that Glasgow and buses are separate events but it also tells us more than this. From a previous clue May 14th and Instagram is already filled in as false but we can now fill in May 14th and Cell Phones as false.We're sorry, this computer has been flagged for suspicious activity.If you are a member, we ask that you confirm your identity by entering in your email.a set of objects are to be assigned (or mapped) to a second set of objects.The specific assignments are determined by a set of logic statements or conditions.The conventional method to solve this form of problems is to represent the values of the two object sets, one as rows and the second as columns.The cell values represent assignment between the members of the two sets.So where we see Buses and Glasgow is already false, we can also see that Buses are not equal to Birmingham either.So that then tells us that May 14th and 6000 CANNOT equal Birmingham either. .” and you’ll be able to solve some of the more difficult puzzles.


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