How To Solve A Proportion Word Problem

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It is important to note that you want your quantities in the numerator and denominator to be consistent in both ratios of the proportion.

Mess it up, and you’ll be scooping a gummy mess on top of your guests' crawfish étouffée.

Because you are quadrupling your guest list (3 people * 4 = 12 people), you must quadruple your recipe. These shifts in a recipe demonstrate the heart of proportions: using a ratio to accommodate life's greater and smaller changes.

You have a lot of cookies to make, and you can make 120 cookies in 2 hours.

You are going to be able to bake for 7 hours, and you want to know how many cookies you'll be able to make in that amount of time if you continue to bake at this rate.

In a proportion, if one of the numbers is unknown, we can use a process called cross multiplication to solve for that unknown.

To perform cross multiplication, we multiply the numerator of the left hand ratio by the denominator of the right hand ratio, and we multiply the denominator of the left hand ratio by the numerator of the right hand ratio.The unknown here is the amount of money you'll make for 31 hours of work.Let's call the unknown x, and set up another ratio comparing these two quantities.Lastly, we can use the proportion to solve for the unknown.Suppose you are baking cookies for an upcoming event.In our example, we have the number of hours you work and the amount of your paycheck as our quantities.We know that when you work 22 hours, you make 3.Then we set the two products equal to each other and solve for the unknown. We can use proportions to solve this problem, but first we have to construct the proportion that represents this problem.To construct a proportion, we just need to set up two ratios comparing the same quantities and then set them equal.This information is enough to set up one ratio comparing the number of hours worked to the amount of money made.The rest of the information that we have is that next week you will be working 31 hours, and you want to know how much money you'll make for that many hours.


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