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That is where he believes having homework count as more than 10 percent of a grade can help those students in which do not test well.The policy affects all teachers within the district, not just the committee teachers, and there are some who think the new policy is fine.Chad Richard, a history teacher at the high school, is also a part of the homework school committee. I’m not a fan of anything that made it softer on you guys. It’s very important to continue your studies outside of the class.

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In addition, students may get assistance on homework through the programs or strategies listed.

Children who demonstrate quality effort and spend sufficient time attempting to complete homework should be stopped when a parent observes that continuing is detrimental to the child’s well-being.

Triton High School instituted a new homework policy this year that includes regulations on teachers regarding the amount of homework they give, and how much the homework percentage of a grade can count for.

Specifically, the new homework policy includes: homework cannot exceed 10 percent of a student’s grade, homework cannot be due on a holiday, routine practice that could be completed at another time in class may not be assigned as homework over the weekend, homework will be posted online by the High School in one of the systems agreed by the school, and due dates for assignments near a school vacation, students must be allowed to have adequate time to finish the assignments excluding the break period.

The new additions to the homework policy have sparked debates among the Triton community regarding homework.

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Kathy Norton is a math teacher at Triton High School who is on the school homework committee.“By mandating a blanket percentage to every discipline, you are saying all classes and levels are the same,” said Norton.

Teachers shall communicate homework assignments in at least one of the following ways: send a packet home, write assignment on the board, require students to record it, and/or make available through emails, websites or hotlines. Identify the access that students will have to materials for projects and other homework assignments – taking into account affordability, resource materials from the library media center, assistance and tutoring opportunities, and technology resources.

Communicate with teachers at the earliest possible opportunity once the child has demonstrated consistent inability to complete homework.

Teachers should also contact parents if a child consistently is unable to complete the assigned work.

If you anticipate your child being out sick for an extended period of time, not more than 5 days, then contact your child’s teachers directly.


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