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One problem students often face is a lack of descriptive language. The key to helping lower level students with writing is to keep the task very structured.Provide a list of descriptive adjectives, prepositional phrases, descriptive verbs, and adverbs and ask students to expand simple sentences into more descriptive language. Teachers sometimes ask students to produce longer writings such as essays before students have control of sentence-level writing skills.Help students become fluent in understanding and filling in forms. Make sure to help them build the skills before they move on to more ambitious writing tasks.

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Here's a less ambitious exercise to get students started.

So, the weather has been great and we are having a fun time here in Switzerland.

Voice Thread markets itself as a “collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos” which, as I mentioned in Firstly, you could create a slide show of pictures based on a theme you are covering in class and ask students to leave comments on one or more of the slides for homework.

Initially, you might allow students to leave either written or spoken comments but, assuming students have access to the necessary equipment, you might move towards only spoken comments.

And this of course means that there is less time for them to participate in the many afternoon activities on offer at FIS or in their local communities.

Alternatively, ESL students do take part in sport or have music lessons etc.

The end of producing it has probably not resulted in much understanding of the work being done.

A better use of the student’s time would be to have a discussion about the homework, in the mother tongue, to make sure that she understands the assignment and knows in broad terms how to do it.

Do you know other websites that are good for speaking homework?

These short writing assignments are designed for lower level classes and give students an opportunity to write about a number of basic subjects including: studies, hobbies, travel, likes and dislikes, application forms, and work emails.


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