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Below you’ll find the list of businesses that are legitimate, popular, and potentially a great addition to your monthly income.Since the 1950s, home party businesses have been incredibly popular.At these parties, the consultant will demonstrate products and take sales orders from guests, for which the consultant receives a portion of the profits.

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MLM and home party companies each have compensation plans by which their sales representatives are compensated.Customer Characteristics Within most MLM companies, the sales representative is the customer.In these companies, generally there is very little retailing of product to non-participants.Home party plan companies use terms like consultant, demonstrator, stylist, and counselor. If most will be men or most will be women, it would be wise to give the representative a name them fits them.Sales Techniques MLM representatives typically sell products and services one-to-one, whereas home party plan representatives use primarily a group selling approach.In fact, the average home party plan participant who earns 0 to 0 per month earns little on the sales of others.Conclusion The business model you select is important, for each motivates and rewards different behaviors.Simply put, without a viable retailing component, if you don’t recruit, you won’t earn any money.Home party plan representatives can earn significant income by selling without recruiting.However, there are important differences between them in naming conventions, sales techniques, compensation, productivity, and characteristics of customers.Naming Conventions MLM Companies tend to refer to their sales representatives as distributors, associates, IBO’s, and independent agents. It’s no coincidence that the average MLM sales rep is a man. In creating your company, think about the composition of your sales force.


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