History Of Basketball Essay

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On each end of the basketball court is a round metal rim/hoop placed ten feet above the floor.

The object of the game is to score points by shooting a large ball through the basket.

Basketball is a sport in which all ages can participate in any way, shape, or form and is a big final 4 and an 5 time ACC coach of the year. olympic gold medal team then Mike had 3 NCAA national championship that ranked him 3 times in history. “Pete” Maravich became one of the best basketball players that have ever made to the team.

Mike is an american basketball coach Mike became a head coach for duke in 1980 and still coach today. Pete nickname was pistol Pete he had good jump shot and play(

Although to be good at basketball it is not necessary to play it from a physics point of view.

Basketball players become good by developing muscle memory for the actions that must be performed in the game of basketball from years of practice.So he attached a couple of old wooden peach baskets to the end of each gym balcony and brought up some basic rules.Even though the game was fun to play, there were some problems that they had to solve, for example: when the players would throw the ball into the basket.It happened in 1934 and more than 15 000 fans witnessed the New York – Notre Dame Game, which ended with the score .In 1950’s this kind of sport became one of the most admired indoor games. The number of players in each team should be usually 5 playing against the other 5 players. To talk about well-known NBA, there are 29 teams in it.The game is played wherever someone can get a ball, and a goal.Unlike other sports that require multiple people and a lot of equipment, basketball only requires the willingness to play. Naismith was born in Canada but invented the game of basketball in the United States.For example, you have all the players using force to accelerate and go to top speed.You have the jump shot which uses vertical and horizontal forces.It is also one of the few sports whose year of birth and originator can be traced back to 100% correctly, a man by the name of Dr. It was winter, and his students needed a fast-paced game that could be played indoors.After a lot of thinking he finally decided of a game where players would be throwing a ball into baskets.


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