Herb Meyers Essay

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Courses and degrees were offered in poetry and fiction, but nonfiction was considered neither scholarly nor artful.

My idea was to launch a literary journal that looked similar to very respected publications, like the, etc., but which published nonfiction narrative exclusively.

Five years ago, we launched an annual creative nonfiction conference in Pittsburgh, and our space has made it possible for us to host readings and workshops for local and visiting writers on-site (and online via webinar).

If you’ve been to the CNF site in recent years, you’ve probably noticed how all of this activity—and more—has been wedged in and tacked on; we know that sometimes it’s hard to find what you’re looking for.

Marcelle Soviero, editor and publisher of both magazines, decided to turn her attention and direct her efforts to other areas of publishing, and asked if we would be interested in assuming responsibility for the contents of her magazines.

Herb Meyers Essay

As a longtime in 2012 from its founders, Jennifer Niesslein and Stephanie Wilkinson, and the story of how they started their magazine was quite appealing to me.If so, I hope you’ll be in touch; I’d love to hear your insights.I’d also like to tell you about another change and a new home for the contents and brand of two other very well-respected literary magazines: As you might have heard, the CNF Foundation purchased all of the contents of both magazines.I had no idea then that this little publication would help launch a movement and solidify a genre, but I did believe in the power and importance of the true story form. came together in a similar way and grew out of the same kind of vision and desire to create a home for a kind of writing that didn’t have one.I had kind of a double hope and vision: that I could really discover some great writers and publish high quality nonfiction work and, at the same time, bring some attention and legitimacy to the genre. And now, after twenty-five years of regular publication, here you are, reading our 70th issue. Jennifer and Stephanie, both budding writers, first met in Charlottesville, at the University of Virginia.Brenda van Dyck struggles to orient her increasingly disoriented father, who while sitting in his own living room in the evening would ask if it was time to go home: “Where is home,” [my mother] would ask him.He didn’t know, but he was certain he wasn’t there.” And Susan Meyers explores the U.It reminded me of the feelings of hope and dedication to a mission I had when I started , supported by my wife and a couple of faithful graduate students twenty-five years ago.Back then, creative nonfiction, as a genre, was just beginning to be discussed and debated in the academy and in the publishing world.While major magazines, like , were publishing nonfiction narrative, mostly referred to back then as “new journalism” or “fact pieces,” there were very few outlets in the literary world, amongst the hundreds of journals at the time, for serious nonfiction.This was at a time when creative writing programs were just beginning to come into vogue in colleges and universities.


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