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This allows responders to understand that even though Gatsby believes he is genuinely in love with Daisy, his obsession extends little further than physical attraction and her modernistic value. Scott Fitzgerald reveals in the novel that love which is superficial is destined to be limited by time and the circumstantial, changing elements of life.

Fitzgerald’s dialogue implemented through Gatsby, ‘She only married you because I was poor and she was tired of waiting for me,’ is used to represent Daisy’s inability to love Gatsby whilst he was poor and away at war.

May be unwrought so’ conveys the idea that love, built upon a weak foundation, can be destroyed just as easily as it was formed.

This notion is portrayed also y Fitzgerald through the characterisation of Daisy.

Fitzgerald depicts Daisy as completely in love when she is enlightened to Gatsby’s wealth and power, but as she begins to discover Gatsby’s unlawful dealings, her love for him disintegrates as she draws ‘further and further into herself…

’ (pg 135) “Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us.Elizabeth Barrett Browning conveys love within her poetry which is viewed as pure, and transcendent.Barrett- Browning’s ‘Sonnets from the Portuguese,’ reject the traditional conventions of the Victorian Era.’ Through the narration of an ‘objective’ young man Nick Caraway; ‘The Great Gatsby’ depicts the strong rejection of moral and spiritual values during the 1920s.Fitzgerald uses his characters to divulge an attitude, by portraying the characters as superficial and materialistic, hiding behind a veneer of beauty but acking substance, as a reflection of society of the 1920s.Nick Caraway observes, “It excited him, too, that many men had already loved Daisy. ” (Pg 149) ‘Excitement’ is an emotion that can be deteriorated by factors such as monotony and tedium, therefore Gatsby’s love for Daisy is not purely genuine as it is based upon ephemeral qualities.Barrett Browning wishes her love not to be based upon ‘a sense of pleasant ease on such a day’ which can be compared to the excitement which constructs the love Gatsby eels for Daisy.The use of first and second person within Sonnet XIV creates an intimate feeling of connection, with the persona’s concept of not wanting a love based on temporary qualities.Through the use of direct speech, Barrett Browning expresses her objection to Browning loving her for ‘her smile… her way’ as these are qualities which may be distorted over time.In contrast to Barrett Browning’s expression of the imperativeness of nconditional love, F.Scott Fitzgerald utilises the narration of Nick Caraway to demonstrate Jay Gatsby’s idealistic value of Daisy.


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