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In the modern society, people know how to interpret time. Antar's relatives were helping him in his shop and they were holding the important positions in the organization.As evident when the workers together with Kate Thompson saw the o’clock time, everybody understands that it is time for them to go to work. Though the store became famous in a short span, it was not managed in an efficient and effective way.

The movie for the most part points out the differences between a “modern civilized society” and “an old world civilization” and how they view life, religion, and politics in totally different ways.

However there were also some similarities in the cultures which assist in the processes of communication, in business transactions, and political dealings with each other.

Likewise, when Xi decided to throw the coca-cola bottle since it only created chaos to the group, it can be noticed that members are very sad. His technique owes a lot to the documentary style of film, where the camera observes the minute details of peoples’ lives, often letting the surroundings and the habitual actions of the main characters create the mood and context for the film.

All of those eye movements can be classified as oculesics in non-verbal communication. The important Decalogue series (Kieslowski, 1988-89), for example, was made for television and broadcast in separate one hour films.

This can be seen as a difference in opinion, if it were not for the extremity of the opposite points of view.

The two cultures considered the woman in different ways because of what they are accustomed to as well as where and how they were raised.For instance, when the Bushmen argued about the Coca-Cola bottle which is considered as a scarce resource for them, tribe members were jealous of each other because all of them want to use it. Antar found it difficult to manage and he chose to leave the firm.Aside from that, there was a scene where the members quarreled because of the Coca-Cola bottle, which is very obvious in their eyes that they are angry. His relatives were voluntarily sent out by Antar....... The Polish film director Kieslowski was born in Warsaw in 1941 and died at the age of 54 in 1996, having produced a number of very widely acclaimed short films.This can be identified as chromatic or the study of the usage of time in non-verbal communication. This led to various problems which the management could not tackle.Likewise, the Bushmen also used non-verbal communication. This in turn resulted in shortage of funds and other financial issues.There is a scene in the movie when the man from the Sho tribe sees a white woman for the first time, which accurately portrays the cultural differences in personal views and taste.He contemplates her appearance, her actions and physical build.Since all of the members of the tribe had different uses and needs for the bottle, it became a commodity, a desired possession of value; it was no longer a worshipped object.This created discourse among the people and led to the physical injury of a child, due to a malicious act that resulted in hitting the child with the bottle.On the contrary, the modern society utilized spoken and written languages as evident in the scene where Kate Thompson is in the office. Antar's sales tactics and his hard work was the reason behind the shop's success.Further, the characters not only utilized verbal communication and non-verbal, such as facial expressions, gestures, etc. Antar worked hard to improve his store and it gained more popularity within a short span of time.


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