Friendshhip Essay

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Friends are able to provide advice that family members would not normally give.

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Having friends around that they can depend on or even for moral support can lessen the gravity of such problems.

There is no doubt that life is happier with friends around.

Still, friends can brighten a person’s day anytime and they have the ability to make an experience unforgettable for an individual.

The best-known reason as to why people believe that it is important to have friends is that they are able to provide help whenever people need it. They help without any questions asked and they do not judge because they believe in their friend’s decisions. As good as it is to develop certain skills and abilities that would enable people to handle such difficulties, there will always be times and situations where people would need help.

Having different people around you with different perspectives and opinions can broaden your mind and help you learn new things.

They can offer a new way of looking at things or maybe teach certain skills and make the person a better person.Friends tend to understand better the situations, which involve experiences outside the home.Therefore, they are able to offer advice and share experiences better than family concerning these things.In such cases, friendship helps them from being alienated and friends can offer comfort, security and help that they are reluctant to ask for inside the home.Friends also tend to give a person a wider look at the world.Here, friends are better to talk to than their children.Likewise, children and adolescents going through the rigors of puberty are expected to withhold certain information they do not want their parents to find out for various reasons.There are things that set friendship apart from family.In the family, there are certain restrictions with regards to the stories a person can tell or the secrets that are revealed.Friends can hang out and talk and this can be considered as having a good time.This can be done by two persons or as many as 20 people.


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