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The students grow to understand that they can accomplish their dreams with their diligence and effort, and that gang life does not truly benefit anyone.

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This film tells a story about Erin Gruwell, who is a young teacher who just started her job as a freshman and sophomore English teacher at Woodrow Wilson High School.

She is soon challenged by a group of Black, Latino and Asian gang members who had excessive hate for the new teacher, Erin Gruwell.

Like no other teacher in that school, Erin gives the students respect and dignity. Freedom Writers deliver the message of hope and teaches the audience that if hard work is put into a task then a purpose to life can change completely if the right decisions are made.

For the first time, these teens soon understand that their lives matter and they have something to say. This movie delivers that message in a wonderful way by using the ‘ghetto’ as an example to change ones destiny which is truly satisfying.

The movie begins showing the 1992 race riots resulting from the beating of Rodney King.

This sets the scene for the racial tension present in Long Beach, California. The most significant themes in The Freedom Writers is tolerance, journal writing/empowerment, determination and last but not least is freedom.Erin Gruwell, the teacher starts on In this case the students in Ms.Hilary Swank stars in this enthralling movie of ghetto kids raised on street corners, underprivileged boys and girls who use drugs, have served time in prison, and are very angry about living in a war zone where people are killed regularly on the streets.She gives them what they need to be successful independently, a voice of their own.Everyone in class had lost a friend or loved one dealing with violence. Gruwell got the students talking more to each other and not only tolerating, but also accepting one another for who they are and where they came from.Some had been abused and molested in the days, but most of them were actually victims of substance abuse. Freedom is the right to do, act, say, or think whatever one desires.This racial tension has touched the lives of every student assigned to Mrs. In order to give the students an opportunity to open up about their individual thoughts and experiences, Erin buys composition books and encourages her students to write each day. Erin Gruwell goes above and beyond for her students and helps to facilitate the growth of an open family environment lacking in the lives of everyone involved. The main characters in the movie are the same as the ... This isn’t the best movie but it is a convincing drama where the emotional scenes often feel real than fake.Freedom Writers was a movie that totally blew the audiences mind away, it was an emotionally, heart touching movie that got people thinking about what happens and what others go through.


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