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She studied literature, mathematics, history, philosophy, French, German, Italian, Greek, and Latin, in great detail (Nightingale, 2002).

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(Mesaros, 2018) Gladwell would argue that Nightingale stood out by choosing to take advantage of her privilege and entitlement, passionately pursuing meaningful work, and by working above and beyond 10,000 hours to make a difference.

Florence Nightingale was born on May 12, 1820 in Florence, Italy.

Raised by a wealthy family that took pride in fraternizing in elite social circles, her family and acquaintances would have very specific expectations for her life.

Her father, William, the son of a wealthy banker, graduated from the University of Cambridge, and oversaw Nightingale’s education.

Gladwell researched the analysis of successful hockey players, and found that they all had birthdays early in the year.

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He found that the earlier a child’s birthday occurred in the year, the stronger, and more capable they would be compared to their peers with later birthdays.

Florence Nightingale played a foundational role in nursing, sanitation, health care, and statistics.

Nightingale popularized the pie chart in statistics to give visual representation to data gathered specifically regarding sanitation and mortality rates.

This contributed to her ability to enforce basic health care practices regarding disease control and prevention still used today (Greenbaum & Rubinstein, 2012).

She also worked with the British government to enact sanitation laws that would set in motion a ripple of new sanitation procedures the future, such as the requirement of sterilizing equipment, and setting guidelines for accessibility and usage of clean water (Nightingale, 2009).


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