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Surprisingly, they loved the idea and invited me back to help them answer questions so that they could draft an ordinance. The whole process took about 8 months or so but it really wasn’t that bad.I haven’t tried to do this in Minneapolis yet but I do plan on trying to find out if they are open to it.

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If you live in the city and are looking for a quick bite to eat, you can usually find a host of delicious options from food trucks stationed around the area.

Trucks like these have become insanely popular in recent years, and it would make sense for the concept to expand.

Here’s the thing though, you only need a permit if you plan on parking in a public downtown area/city limits and you aren’t part of a scheduled event.

Because when there is a scheduled event/festival the main permit has already been granted and you will fall under a blanket permit and therefore be covered.

And in fact it has expanded- to the fashion industry.

A new kind of truck has been making the rounds; only these businesses have been satisfying cravings for the latest designers rather than the latest foodie craze. One of the latest businesses on the scene is The Fashion Truck, owned by Emily Benson.If you can’t then you could chance it (not recommended) or you can do what I did and get an ordinance passed by the city council. Paul there was no ordinance on books that would allow someone to sell merchandise from a vehicle in the downtown area.So I met with the business development council a couple of times and brought my truck down there for them to see it.These mobile boutiques are changing the dynamic of shopping- stores come to the customer rather than the other way around. Started in 2011, her mobile boutique travels around the Boston area.They have been popping up in several cities across the U. It provides a beautiful selection of clothing and accessories, including pieces from Europe as well as ones with a local vibe (some of the dresses are named after streets in the South End!In addition to the boutique, Benson and The Fashion Truck also provide a vast array of styling services, including closet organization and personal shopping. In the event of a fashion emergency, give The Fashion Truck a call and it will come to you as fast as possible to get you ready for whatever clothing crisis life throws your way.To check out the Fashion Truck, visit the So Wa Open Market located in Boston’s South End (which features local business).Benson will be selling alongside the food trucks that inspired her. I get a lot of emails asking me how to start a fashion truck.Finally we have vehicle insurance for the actual truck.This is a commercial auto policy and like regular car insurance.


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