Extended Essay Chemistry Assessment Criteria

Extended Essay Chemistry Assessment Criteria-24
Many of the best essays are written by students investigating relatively simple phenomena using apparatus and materials that can be found in most school laboratories, and this approach is to be encouraged.If the practical work is carried out in an industrial or university laboratory, the essay should be accompanied by a letter from the external supervisor outlining the nature of the supervision and the level of guidance provided.

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This leads to a major piece of formally presented, structured writing, in which ideas and findings are communicated in a reasoned and coherent manner, appropriate to the subject chosen.

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For example, experiments involving toxic or dangerous chemicals, carcinogenic substances or radioactive materials should be avoided unless adequate safety apparatus and qualified supervision are available.

An example might be a study of the reactions of the alkali metals with water as this is already covered by the syllabus.

The school supervisor must be satisfied that the work described in the essay is genuine and essentially that of the student.

It is possible to produce an extended essay in chemistry in which the student has used data collected elsewhere as the primary source.

Although the same assessment criteria apply to all extended essays, for an extended essay submitted in chemistry the topic chosen must allow an approach that distinctly involves chemistry.

Where a topic might be approached from different viewpoints, the treatment of the material must be approached from a chemistry perspective.

The pairings illustrate that focused topics (indicated by the first title) should be encouraged rather than broad topics (indicated by the second title).

Is there a relationship between the concentration of aqueous sodium chloride solution and the ratio of the amounts of oxygen and chlorine gas that are evolved at the positive electrode during electrolysis?


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