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Increasing rates of crime are making students afraid to come to school, and preventing students from concentrating while they are there.In addition, the lack of technological resources like state of the art computers is preventing students from being competitive in the workplace after graduation.

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So, if you're not allowed to write the kind of essay your high school teachers taught you, what exactly else are you supposed to write?

The easiest thing to remember is that with a few sentence level changes, each pathway sentence from a traditional five paragraph essay would make a great working thesis for the kind of argumentative, thesis-driven paper that you are asked to write in college.

It provides a very formulaic style of writing that many students find helpful.

However, once you reach the college level, the weaknesses outweigh the strengths.

Heres an example in answer to the prompt, What fundamental change would improve high school education ? High school education has several problems which must be solved to prepare Americas youth for the challenges of the 21st century.

Overcrowded classrooms mean that students do not receive the individualized attention that they need to succeed.

And its formulaic nature makes it prone to produce papers with stilted organization.

Not to mention that it is next to impossible to write five pages of one without repeating yourself.

The first paragraph contains a one sentence (or maybe a two sentence) thesis statement, which is followed by three sentences that briefly describe what will be discussed in the three body paragraphs.

These three sentences are sometimes referred to as the pathway, since they show where the paper will go.


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