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This is due to the negative exposure received by the company over its deceptive practices leading it to settle huge class actions law suits.

Hiding and giving of excuses will not in any way help the public image of the company.

According to this theory, obligations and duties should be conscientiously supported and followed by everybody when faced with an impasse (Hartman 2006).

It is quite evident that the employees in the sales division of Meta Life are not aware of the deontological theory of ethics.

Ethical principles enjoin virtues of honesty, compassion, and loyalty” (Hartman 2006).

Hence, ethical theories endeavor to be comprehensible and methodical enough to be able to provide answers to the most essential practical ethical questions.(1923), Ayer claimed that judgments of value, in so far as they are not scientific statements, are not in the literal sense significant but are simply expressions of emotion which can be neither true nor false.To say ‘You acted wrongly in stealing that money’ is not to state any more than one would have stated by merely saying ‘you stole that money’.The tone or the exclamation mark adds nothing to the literal meaning of the sentence.It merely serves to show that the expression of it is attended by certain feelings of the speaker’ 108).In most circumstances ethical theories are the foundation for ethical principles and whenever actions are being defended upon, by business people it is common to find the principles and not the theories appealing.There are several theories that include: deontology, utilitarianism, casuist, virtue, kantianism, aristotelianism, consequentialism among others (Hartman & Des Jardins 2010). Ethical Theories used to justify Anglo-American’s Obligation to the ethical issue in Chilean Mines 2.1 Virtue Ethics: In virtue ethical theory, an individual is judged by his character rather than by his actions that may deviate from his normal behavior (Fraedrich, Ferrel and Ferrel, 2009).In Chile’s case, application of virtue ethics justifies the following mishaps: Fairness: With Research gathered from the case study, contract workers are assigned much more dangerous tasks with great risks of injury towards their health i.e.Miners are humans and should be treated as such, hence workplace harassments and discriminations (Manuel, 2005) between various classes of workers should be discouraged, rather further negotiations and further settlements should be discussed to address the issue.Rights and Obligation: Information and data collected from the case study and external shows rights of the workers have being tampered with i.e.


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