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Lots of artists like Artaud, Brecht, or Pirandello have extensive work on philosophical questions which gave birth to lots of essays.So I don't get why I shouldn't be able to write fiction if they did both write philosophy and literature.If, on the other hand, your philosophy is that you have your fortune in your hands, your proponent will go the other way round, starting as someone who thinks the whole world is against him and he has no chance anyway, until he learns how to take his life in his own hands and succeeds.

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So yes, if you want to argue philosophical points, you can.

Be aware that what is entertaining in fiction is mostly conflict, as perceived by the reader, which is any time the world or other people is not doing what your MC wants or needs, or your knows is not going to end well for a character. "We must go to Travix first, and find this wizard Zelof there. " "Absolutely," Karen said, and stood up from the table.

I was educated in this way I now abhor, rationalising everything so I can make living things thinkable, philosophical, conceptual. And maybe nothing is farther from fiction than philosophy, which is trying to enlighten the world instead of maintaining the mystery where fiction and life dwell.

I feel this way, but I am practically unable to write fiction since everything I write feels too philosophical or can be criticised in philosophical categories by me.

In the process, we strive to create emotions in the reader ABOUT that character; so the reader can identify with her, root for her, and celebrate (or grieve) when she wins (or loses).

To the extent we all have our own philosophies of life and what it is about, your MC can have them, and argue them with another character, that argues their own contending philosophy.

Readers are entertained by wanting to know what happens next.

That requires both action (things happening, things being done) and emotional involvement.

And maybe nothing is farther from fiction than philosophy, which thinks that is saying something about the world, which is trying to enlighten the world instead of mainting the mistery where fiction and life dwell.

Your problem is not fiction, it's your idea of philosophy.


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