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Try to get them to open up about how they are feeling and what it is that is going on in their life that is leading to them using self-harm as a coping mechanism, reassure them that you are there to listen. Look past the wounds and see the person, and try to understand that not only is recovery from self-harm a very long road but relapse is common as well.

They may not be ready to receive help or treatment at first, and that’s okay too, you’ve opened the door to communication and lifted the secrecy. Educating yourself on self-harm will benefit you as well as the person you are supporting.

I then continued to try all sorts of self harm to get relief.

I stopped self harm at age35 with a lot of work with a psychiatrist and psychologist but I am still tempted to self harm even now at age 48, life is better without self harm . I had been sexually abused for a long time and I felt it happened because I was a bad person and I deserved to be hurt. I went they college and worked professional jobs and no one ever noticed my wounds or scars.

Two hospital stays and a therapist and a psychiatrist.

We now owe ,000, and not one of them has done any good. Her psychiatrist is still trying to get her back in the hospital. , it didn’t help the first 2 times and I owe ,000.! If this is such a big problem with today’s youth, the why isn’t there any real help!!!she never seems to fit neatly into the parameters of any particular service and therefore is left for the most part untreated despite numerous hospital admissions. I sent Heather some more info about treatment facilities to add to my article.I would like to find an ACTUAL treatment facility that can help...other than the ,000 private places. Where are you specifically and i can research something suitable 9I hope ) for your daughter as well as some group for you. We are going through the same thing with our daughter.However, studies have shown that there are people who fall into a higher risk category for self-harm.If you suspect someone that you know is harming themselves; ask them, if they aren’t doing it they won’t start because you asked them about it. If someone leaves their wounds visible, chances are they want you to ask them, they may find it difficult to open up and start the conversation.I have learnt coping mechanisms and distractions for a better quality of life. Over the years I have had trauma of being raped at age 14. At first my self harm was hitting myself and leaving bruises Later in teens I became bulimic In my teens I started cutting and burning myself w cigarettes. Understand that you cannot fix them, nor can you tell them to stop and expect them to do so, ultimatums will not work.You can liken that to telling someone with depression to just, “snap out of it.” But, you can encourage them to seek help from a professional and to keep talking about it.Talk to someone, whether that is a professional, pastor or a trusted friend.Don’t give up on yourself; you’re worth fighting for.


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