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That would be 93 percent of the country’s economic output. The War on Terror reduced funds for stimulus programs to boost the country out of the 2008 financial crisis. But they both continue to spend when they are in control of Congress.Fewer jobs were created, which meant less tax revenue and a further increase in debt.

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September 11, changed the entire worlds attitude on airport security, and how important of a concern the nations airport security was and will continue to be.

The terrorist attacks also showed the entire world how easily the old system was to manipulate, and how much improvement airports need before they can truly be considered secure.

Although oil prices decline in the fall, this was a sharper decline than usual. dollar as a safe investment during times of crisis.

Another cause was the dollar's value which rose sharply between August and December. Send oil contracts are priced in dollars, oil exporters can lower oil prices when the dollar strengthens.

The new challenge of making sure no explosives could brought on to the plane was brought on by the bombing of Pan American flight 103 in 1988, where a passenger put explosives in his suitcase and r...

The stock market closed for four trading days after the attacks, the first time since the Great Depression, when President Roosevelt closed the exchanges for two days in March of 1933 to stop a bank run.Prior to the terrorist attacks against the United States on September 11, 2001 security at the nations airports were not considered excellent, but for the most part did the job that was expected of them, making sure that people who boarded the planes did not have any weapons or that no bombs made it onto the airplane.It was also on this devastating day that the United States public took serious concern over the nation's airport security.On March 21, 2003, President Bush sent troops into Iraq.He said the Central Intelligence Agency had found weapons of mass destruction.That was added to increased spending for the Defense Department and Homeland Security.President Obama spent 7 billion during his two terms. That brought the cost of the War on Terror to .126 trillion.The Federal Reserve dropped the fed funds rate half a point to 3.0 percent. The Dow promptly fell 7.13 percent, closing at 8,920.70.The 617.78-point loss was the Dow's worst one-day drop at that time. Oil prices fell from .77 a barrel in August 2001 to .95 in December.He said, “Americans should not expect one battle but a lengthy campaign, unlike any other we have ever seen.” Then he put it into action.Bush launched the War in Afghanistan to find and bring to justice Osama bin Laden.


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