Essays On Color Symbolism In The Great Gatsby

These signs aid the reader in revealing the meaning of certain situations and clearing up any confusion.Colors contribute much to explain the unconscious thoughts of characters and explain the characters’ essences....

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Childhood represents innocence and because the color white is associated with it, white becomes a representation of innocence.- Fitzgerald’s use of symbolism and colors in The Great Gatsby is prominent in every chapter of his novel.To fully understand the meaning of his color use, a reader must recognize the situations in which these colors are used.The affect the color white creates is the impression of a pure, clean environment, and that Jordan and Daisy are the same.In the text, there is no prior discussion of Tom’s house or Daisy and Jordan which causes the reader to believe they are pure and good.In Myrtle, the color yellow is a clear representation of dishonesty because she pretends to be something she is not.The effect the color yellow has on the description of characters is to point out the dishonesty they have. Gatsby’s car is the car that killed Myrtle and is described as “a yellow...In the beginning of the novel, Daisy and Jordan are wearing white dresses, giving the illusion of purity.With the progression of the storyline, Daisy and Jordan’s clothes slowly change from white to a golden yellow as the characters impurities are revealed.Underlying symbols appear in many works of literature and lead the reader forward to discover the deeper substance of a character.In The Great Gatsby, Francis Scott Fitzgerald uses subtle tones and clues to tell readers more about a character.


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