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For example, the special prison housing is expensive to staff and keep up.States with the death penalty use taxes to pay these expenses.

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Pro capital punishment individuals claims that it is an efficient deterrence against criminals.

In the article “Death penalty is a deterrence”, the authors claims that by practicing the death penalty, violent crimes will decrease.

It is legal in many states as a punishment for serious crimes, but that does not make it right.

Capital punishment should be stopped because it is morally wrong, expensive, and such a slow process. When we use the death penalty, we are following the criminals’ example by doing something equally as bad ourselves. There is also a chance that a mistake will be made, and the wrong person will be put to death. Another problem with capital punishment is the high cost.

The first recorded execution in America occurred in Jamestown, 1608.

A man named George Kendall was executed for treason.As of today, the United States still practices capital punishment. For example, the government cannot execute the mentally handicap and is not supposed to execute juveniles.The United States currently has six ways to execute, lethal injection, electrocution, lethal gas, a firing squad and hanging. Although the United States still practices the death penalty, executions are declining, compare to the past, according to statistics.Before I make my argument, I would like to provide some background information regarding the death penalty to the readers.The idea of capital punishment was brought over from Britain, when the founding fathers declared independence.Individuals that believe in the death penalty believe that capital punishment will deter murderers.In this paper, I will be arguing that the death penalty does not deter criminals and that the United States should outlaw the practice.These states are Alaska, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Rhone Island, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.In addition, a series of cases regarding the death penalty went to the Supreme Court.Our ancestors loved the idea of the death penalty, since it was a common part of life.Europeans gave the death penalty for various crimes.


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