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Continue adding one paragraph per persuasive argument.

These tools would not be available to most people who do not attend college. As a person's level of education increases, so does their income level.

Another aspect that should be considered is the fact that people with a college degree will earn $650,000 more over their lifetime than someone who does not have a degree (U. For example: In Massachusetts, the average income for a high school graduate is $46,523.

Mc Coy is a journalism graduate of Ryerson University.

We are told to “go to college” by family, media, and teachers, but we are never given an explanation on why it’s important for us to get a higher education.

Use statistics to support each of these tangible benefits.

Compile a list of intangible benefits of attending college, including the excitement of campus life, studying a program that truly interests you, making new friends and living in a city away from home.

People that have attained a college degree are hired in at a higher pay and are considered to be much more employable.

This means that a college graduate would be more likely to be offered employment than another who did not attend college or did not attain a degree. College will also assist in preparing a person for a career in a particular field.

In this case, the essay would highlight the benefits of postsecondary education and encourage the reader to go to college.

When writing a persuasive essay, it is important that you have a clear stance and statistical information to back up your argument.


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