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’ Which means they get taken to a room where a needle get inserted into their arm and that executes them.

The person doing this then disposes of the body down a rubbish chute.

Therefore the elders take away important decisions of life and feelings which make us human. Imagine killing someone almost everyday and you manage to cover it up!

The Elders cover up people being ‘released’ by telling others you will be going to ‘Elsewhere.

The Giver also adopts Jonas and Rosemary as his own kids in a way.

He had a previous 'Receiver' named Rosemary who applied for and received release. The setting is a supposedly perfect society where everyone is taken care of and no one is different.The author Lois Lowry does a fine job portraying this supposedly 'ideal' society.There were many characters in this book the main one being Jonas.Jonas is a child in this supposed 'Utopia' who ends up with the most important assignment of all the 'Receiver of Memory'.This book began with a description of sameness and release the two general principles the society functions on.It then continues while Jonas (the main character) waits to receive his assignment in the community.The Elders of the community try to make the community a utopia but in fact they take away human privacy and freedom of choice. ’ This small act of intrusion had made him feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. ’ During training with The Giver, Jonas was given the opportunity to watch a releasing.They kill people without the individual knowing what is happening to them. He was ‘astonished and delighted this was available to him.Waiting to find out what his assignment is, and what it entails doing are rises in action.The climax is when the plan to escape the society is being conceived and the actual escape itself.


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