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No one wants to see anyone suffer, but there is something very unsettling about a fifth grader having a panic attack on the day of a test.Physical well-being is also affected by excessive homework.That would be like an adult coming home with a mountain of paperwork to do after a long eight hour day at work. Free time plays a key role in fostering both creativity and emotional development, factors just as basic to long term success as academic gains.

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However, the United States falls behind other countries when it comes to achievement.A few of them will roll into a fetal position at the mention of the word “diorama.” This type of document might be found in a parenting magazine or as a childhood development essay assignment.Curiously, no one challenges the notion of learning in school unless they have daily homework assignments.Most children dread homework, or at best, see it as something to be gotten through.Thus, even if it did provide other benefits, they would have to be weighed against its likely effect on kids’ love of learning.Some parents are happy as long as their children stay busy after school.Others bemoan the intrusion on valuable family time.The only foundation this practice builds is one for health problems down the road, whether it be diabetes or heart disease.Homework does not instill a love of learning, quite the opposite.Since the homework load is so much, should we not be at the top? Many countries with the highest scoring students on achievement tests, such as Japan, Denmark, and the Czech Republic, have teachers who assign little homework.Meanwhile, countries such as Greece, Thailand, and Iran, where students have some of the worst average scores; have teachers who assign a lot of homework.


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