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There are few times to use the second person in academic writing, as it can alienate the reader.Let’s look at the following example: Notice the shift that occurred from the first sentence, which is written in the third person, to the second sentence, which is written in the second person.One way of ensuring that you can communicate clearly and to the point is through accurate and effective use of advanced vocabulary.

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Just as the books you read subconsciously help mould your own writing style, so reading other people’s essays can help you develop and build on your own essay-writing style.

Try to read a range of other essays, including those of your peers and of academics. Is the argument a balanced one, with points adequately supported with evidence?

What’s more, deploying a good vocabulary displays intelligence and allows you to be more persuasive in your essay-writing.

Here are some ways in which you can build your vocabulary: – Subscribe to a ‘word a day’ email (such as this one from Merriam-Webster).

A word of warning: words you find in a thesaurus can’t always be used interchangeably; even words with similar meanings can differ subtly in a way that makes them inappropriate in certain contexts, so find examples of a word used correctly before you use a new word for the first time.

– Learn prefixes, suffixes and roots – it sounds boring, but this shortcut will help you learn a great many more words.Many roots come from Latin and Greek words, such as “bene” in Latin, meaning “good”, which gives rise to words such as “benefactor”, “benevolent” and “benefit”.It’s often possible to deduce the meaning of a new word if you know its root and read it in context.Statements like “I believe” or “I think” tend to weaken writing and are better when written in the third person.(example: ) Second person involves the use of the pronoun “you” to refer to the reader.The second person should be avoided, and the first person should only be used when using personal examples that help support claims made in the essay.In addition to enhancing credibility, another reason to write primarily in the third person is because frequent changes in point of view can create confusion for the reader.This second sentence alienates readers who are not beginning college students since the information does not pertain to them.However, if the second sentence is written in the third person, even people who are not beginning college students can keep reading and learn from the essay: keeps this writing in the third person.Due to this and other reasons, the third person point of view is considered the best in academic writing.First person occurs primarily through the use of the pronoun “I.” This is the point of view used when a writer is writing about himself.


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