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Coming back to where I started from, the famous quote by my Mom “Schools should be schools and not fashion shows.” I love designer clothes but not the fact that they are pretty damn expensive. Although they might not say it openly but the survey of more than 500 schools conducted in 2013 reveled that more than 90% of the parents are “pro uniforms” and believe it could help them save money.I still remember, even being a boy I used to think a lot of what I am going to wear tomorrow for school. Uhmm, how about this one, ahh, No Pamela has the same dress and wears it so often…! Uniform policies at school also helps families to concentrate where it matters the most that is on the quality education of their child.Am I painting a very “black and white” picture here?

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It is the blend of traditional values and innovative techniques is what we want. The Top 10 Reasons Now this is the best part, where I try and convince our readers to support kids wearing uniform at school.

And believe me; I have many more than just “ten reasons” to support what I claim but I want to keep this short and interesting.

Most parents and teachers can do and have tried almost everything to improve on the punctuality of students.

If a simple dress code policy can solve this pressing issue, then why can’t we just give it a try?

We as humans have this unique tendency to mess up with traditional things and create something totally new.

Yes, this is innovation, I know but too much of it in everything is not good for health!Some of our readers might not agree with this (but then, its democracy!) but the more we talk about these “non-issues” the more we get into a slump!Now imagine a beautiful girl in this situation – “The pink dress with those shoes? Secondly it also helps eliminating the race between families on dressing up their child like a movie start as he goes to school.Believe it or not, getting dressed up is hassle free if you know what you have to wear.It also eliminates the “cold war” between students about who is looking HOT and who is not.With everyone in similar outfits the only thing that matters is tidiness.One of the problems our current generation is facing is that fact that they are all influenced by “gang culture.” This gang culture is the root cause of numerous evils at schools.According to a recent study carried out on schools, trends at schools and students concluded that more than half of the high school students openly admit their active participation in so called “school gangs” The research also found out that steep decline in the percentage of crimes on campus has been observed after the formal introduction of uniform policy at school.If we take an example of an Army recruiting soldiers without their strict policy of uniform, the chances of inducting soldiers goes down.Same is the relationship between school-uniforms and the number of students forming or becoming a part of a gang.


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