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In this lesson, we will review some important quotes that show the evolution of animalism, the philosophy of Animal Farm, over the course of the novel. In the beginning of the story, the animals aren't exactly happy, but for the most part, aren't miserable, either. Jones' rapidly developing drinking problem, the day's work and regular meals follow a structured routine.

Although it seems unfair, no one says anything because they are afraid of what might happen to them if they do.

As Clover explains: Once every one of the original commandments has been altered, the animals cannot tell if they were better off before or after the Rebellion.

Old Major suggests that someday, the animals will rise and overcome, when he says: Old Major and the other animals agree to some basic principles to guide animal behavior, that if followed, would make sure a new government run by animals would not deteriorate into something no better than what they already have.

Once the dreams and hopes for the future set in, the animals are quick to notice any perceived unfair treatment from Mr. After he forgets to feed them, the animals help themselves, and as a result, are punished.

And thus, the time had come for the Rebellion to take place, and they run Mr. At first, the narrator tells us it was everything they dreamed it would be.

The pigs had emerged as the leaders, with the dogs as their enforcers.

The form of allegory in Animal Farm is used to convey the composer’s ideas.

Animal Farm is a composition which includes a deeper level of meaning beneath the superficial children’s story.

One particular perception of the audience is that it is a subtle warning that power can corrupt any government.

This can be seen through the character Napoleon and several of his porcine counterparts.


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