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Even if lying is not necessarily the right thing to do, it is the standard and obvious thing to do.

Society expects you to cry and if you do not, society expects you to conform.

His lawyer “learned that I’d ‘displayed a lack of emotion’ on the day of mother’s funeral” (Camus, 64).

It appears absurd to have to ask one if they felt anything on the day in which their loved one died.

Meursault is considered an outsider for this reason; he denies himself the opportunity to lie.

Essay Question For The Outsider Argumentative Essay No Name Woman

People lie for numerous reasons; to protect themselves, to run away from the truth, and even to escape death.

How does Camus employ cause-and-effect in this novel? In terms of Camus' philosophy of the Absurd, of what significance is the prison? Why does Meursault place such a high value on the sea?

How does his interest in her help us understand more about him? What role does hope play in the second half of the novel?

From his perspective he believed as an insider he too would be able to give a fuller picture of the synagogue than any other academic outsider despite whatever training he or she may have received.

As an insider he took part in a traditional study circle of Chavruse in Jerusalem which lead to his work The Gate Behind The Wall which offered a powerful appealing insight to insider/outsider Jews which previously would have been reserved for insiders alone.


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