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A third way to incorporate more evidence in your body paragraphs is to quote from secondary sources.

It's important that you not just restate your evidence or provide more summary; you want to add something new.

This should be the meat of the paragraph - it's where you provide your own analysis and ideas. Make sure your analysis refers back to the topic sentence in some way and stays focused on your argument.

You have two options for the title section: When you're not using a title page, generally your name, the course name, professor or teacher's name and the due date are placed at the upper left hand corner of the first page. Your essay begins after skipping one line below the title.

When using a separate title page, the title is the first information on the page and horizontally centered at about the top third of the page.

Works Cited If you have used outside sources to gain information on your essay, you need to include a works cited page of the sources you used at the end of your paper.

The appropriate method of listing your sources depends on the type of publications (e.g.The easiest way to expand the Schaffer paragraph is to add a second concrete detail along with two more sentences of commentary.The second concrete detail may be used to reinforce your evidence from earlier in the paragraph; for example, if you have two related quotes from the same source you can use both to make your argument stronger. In a paper comparing two historical sources, for example, you might want to include quotes from each to highlight similarities or differences between the two texts.The first page of text is page 1 and may be numbered at the bottom center, in the upper right hand corner, or left unnumbered. 3" or indicators like "page 2 of 5" are usually inappropriate for essays.Number subsequent pages in the upper right hand corner of each page. In the MLA style, the page number is preceded by your last name spaces, i.e. Also in the MLA style all pages that contain the essay text are numbered in the upper right hand corner.You can also use this sentence to provide a transition into the next paragraph.The five-sentence Schaffer paragraph is the most basic body paragraph, but it can easily be expanded to create longer, more in-depth papers.Follow the topic sentence with a concrete detail that backs up the claim you make in your topic sentence.This can be a fact, statistic, example, plot point, or any other evidence you can use to support your point. You've come up with an interesting topic, honed a smart thesis, spent hours researching and organizing your notes, and painstakingly outlined your paper paragraph by paragraph. Even the most thoroughly researched essay will fall apart if you can't arrange your argument in a way the reader understands.Fortunately, there's a foolproof method to writing body paragraphs that will make your essay clear and easy-to-follow.


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