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Shakespeare addressed her as Frailty and some other well-known writers depicted her as the treacherous creature that tempts men to their doom.The metaphysical belief that “Eve tempted Adam” and he fell made the things much worse for women.

Shakespeare addressed her as Frailty and some other well-known writers depicted her as the treacherous creature that tempts men to their doom.The metaphysical belief that “Eve tempted Adam” and he fell made the things much worse for women.The fields of engineering, aviation (flying and airplane operation), agriculture and industry are open to women now.

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It all shows the importance and usefulness of women in our society and other societies as well.

For centuries men considered women the less intelligent of the sexes.

Her position was secluded and she was assigned a lower status in society.

She was virtually condemned to lead her life as a beast of burden.

The clinics and hospitals in the villages and towns require female doctors, nurses and paramedics (doctors’ helpers) in most places.

Social workers for the guidance of women and children in our village and town streets, houses, markets and public places like parks, railway and bus stations, and health centers are urgently needed. Quite a few women stay outside the house to teach or work in government and private offices, hospitals, business centers, banks, and public places. They provide every comfort to their husbands and children.These trained social workers can advise women and children about what they can and should do for a better life.They can tell them about safe and cheap travel from one place to another. In the bigger cities, we need educated and trained women to work in schools, colleges and universities, hospitals, offices, firms and companies, airports and seaports, business centers, factories, TV stations, and newspaper offices in different capacities.The timid female of the past has been replaced by a youthful, fashion-conscious and smart girl.Women are jostling shoulders with men and competing with them in engineering, sciences, space research, medicine, and business.Their role, then, in the family becomes paramountly (supremely) important.We need educated and well-trained women in our villages and small towns.For a very long time, she was unable to raise her status from a mere household drudge.She was forced to run the house and do all its furnishing, cleaning, cooking, sewing, sweeping, dusting, washing and so on.


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