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It is well established that local and national journalists are prone to unhelpful sensationalism or single, unsubstantiated narrative.

The Pakistani media industry lacks the capacity to understand and appreciate data, a key factor for quality investigative journalism.

The amount of data available in Pakistan has not been properly exploited to create worthy investigative journalism pieces on governance, social injustice, and economic mismanagement.

More than 90 journalists have been killed since 1947.

These figures tell many stories, not all of course related to the buzz around “freedom of press.” Much of it has to do with training, competence, and capacity to operate in volatile areas and destabilizing conditions.

Agahi intends to continue training journalists on emerging tools and technology for investigative reporting.

Analysis of and synthesizing “big data” is something that is essentially required, since our audiences are no longer confined to traditional boundaries.Please comment on the lack of security provided by the state and media houses for journalists.How many more assassination attempts, murders and threats is it going to take for them to start taking security for media professionals seriously? Protect those journalists who are doing their duty and who are serving both the public and the government by criticizing the government freely, independently, honestly which is an education for any government.” – Muhammad Ali Jinnah on the condition of the Press in India in the Imperial Legislative Council, September 19, 1918. Pakistan is the world’s most dangerous country for the press.As of now the industry benchmarks its performance essentially based on two factors; sensationalism and who breaks the news fastest, neither of which qualifies as credible or even educational.The industry is missing performance-based mechanisms, indicators that observe the credibility and rationality of the content being delivered."When complaints are freely heard, deeply considered, and speedily reformed, then is the utmost bound of civil liberty attained, that wise men look for."-- Milton No power on this earth can block the truth as it is God who, being the truth Himself, guards it.Nowhere in history could the truth ever be suppressed, it always revealed itself in some other form and with dangerous consequences.Life before any story – a journalist can remain committed to his/her profession if he/she is committed to surviving. Media organizations in Pakistan, just like elsewhere around the world, are owned by corporate, political and media persons. There’s no denying the efforts that have been made to revisit ethical codes of journalism and codes of conducts for journalists have been reframed nationally and internationally.Different stakeholders in the industry exist to mold the public opinion for their own interests, [at the cost of] the ignorance of [ordinary people], exploiting their basic right to information. But even [now], an institutionalized mechanism that sets benchmarks and demands quality journalism is still being overlooked and deliberately ignored. How does it intend to aid in the evolution of investigative journalism in Pakistan?Public and institutional awareness of the benefits of investigative journalism creates indigenous demand for quality reporting and accountability of public representatives.Having said that, advertising revenues for both electronic and print are declining; unfortunately this has had a significant impact on human capital development.


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